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Got anxiety? Take a walk in the forest.

In our previous post we wrote about how some trees welcome fall by dropping their colorful leaves as their sap drains. While this is a big physiological adjustment for many hardwoods, many people also experience significant mood changes in the fall. Shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures may bring anxiety or stress to some people which intern may develop into a less than jovial mood. Spending time among in the forest is an easy, natural way to combat any feelings of anxiety.

Shorter days may mean a rush to get work done outdoors. This also includes adjusting to new school schedules. There are lots of ways to address any anxieties you may have of the seasonal change, “Unlike other anxiety, there often isn’t an obvious external trigger, and it tends to recur annually,” Dr. Clare Morrison said. – Medical advisor at MedExpress

So, it’s either the lack of sunshine, and connection to nature or the realization that you didn’t achieve all the things this year that you set for yourself to achieve, here are some tips on how to reduce anxiety.

  • Eating a healthy diet, eating seasonal whole foods.
  • Limiting caffeine.
  • Exercising often.
  • Trying meditation.
  • Practicing yoga.

To read and to learn more about how to reduce anxiety see the following article. Forest Bathing for Anxiety – Forest Bathing Central

My biggest tip for you to reduce stress and/or anxiety is to take a walk in the woods. Let the forest heal you. You can let the forest heal you by noticing what the forest is offering you on your walk. Allow your walk to be slow and free of expectations. I promise the forest will reach out to you. Notice what is in the forest (in the trees, on the ground). Allow the forest to engage your senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell) by slowing down. My experience has taught me that the forest is the very best place for me to unwind and reboot. It’s natural and easy. Give it a try. Here you can learn all about the special benefits that being close to nature can give you, which we call Forest Therapy.

If it makes sense for you, please leave me a note below of your forest experience.

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