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How Fall Changes Our Mood?

Every year when falls come around I always have that similar feeling. The days are changing, the smells and colors are changing. The familiar places have different ‘clothes’ on.

I started to wonder if there is a scientific way to describe what nature and us, humans are going through this season. I would like to share with you my findings.

The first thing that we notice in the fall is that the leaves are changing colors. We do have a lot of evergreen trees in Florida, but we are lucky enough to enjoy the variety of red, orange, and green colors on the trees as well. I found an interesting article where you can learn about the chemicals that create this beautiful variety of colors in the autumn. The trees are changing their leaves for different reasons from the daylight changes to their food-making process.

As the temperature is dropping with the trees our bodies are changing as well. Our skin becomes dryer, and our metabolism slows down as the days are getting shorter. With the colder temperature, the environment is friendlier for cold and flu viruses. Here is a detailed article on our symptoms and how we can help our body to keep up with the changes in nature.

Not just our body but our mood is changing with the seasons as well.

“Mood and immunity are well known to change with seasons in humans and there are indications that several brain aspects could also be seasonal.” Dr. Gilles Vandewalle.

In the next couple of articles, you can learn about a Belgian study where the researchers measured brain function during all four seasons of the year on 28 Belgian adults. The first article is for those who would like a summary of the study, the second link is taking you to the entire study with all the measurements and details.

How Different Seasons Affect The Way Your Brain Works | HuffPost

Seasonality in human cognitive brain responses | PNAS

I hope this post was able to give a different take on Fall.

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

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