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Sharpen Your Senses Through Forest Therapy!

A huge part of Forest Therapy is to help people reconnect to nature. Living in a big city and being surrounded by concrete can be noisy, stressful, and lonely. Nature has an amazing power to heal the human body and by recognizing its power with all of our senses can be beneficial to our health and mind.

During our sessions at Forest Remedy, we teach various exercises which help you notice how the forest is helping you. Through these experiences, you recognize the information that your unconscious mind is already noticing. Being present is the first step you can take to let the forests heal you.

“The best way to deal with stress at work is to go for a forest bath. I go for Shinrin-Yoku every lunchtime. You don’t need a forest; any small green space will do. Leave your cup of coffee and your phone behind and just walk slowly. You don’t need to exercise; you just need to open your senses to nature. It will improve your mood, reduce tension and anxiety, and help you focus and concentrate for the rest of the day.” –Dr. Qing Lie

Here is how Life Beyond Body describe the benefits and our five senses:

“Connecting with trees has a healing effect on the mind as well as the body. It increases the intuitive power of humans. People can enjoy forest environments (forest bathing/Shinrin-yoku) through all five senses:

  • The sense of sight: forest landscape- green color, yellow color, and red color and other colors
  • The sense of smell: special good smell, the fragrance from trees
  • The sense of hearing: forest sounds, birdsong
  • The sense of touch: Touching trees can put your whole body in the forest atmosphere.
  • The sense of taste: Eating foods and fruits from forests, taste the fresh air in forests.”

Dr. Qing said the following on this topic:

“The effect of forest bathing is the total effect, but the biggest effect is from the olfactory, smell, we call them phytoncides. Also, people call them essential oil, aroma.” Li’s research has shown that trees’ aromas, known as phytoncides, boost our body’s NK (natural killer) cells which help fight tumors and virus-infected cells.”

White flower macro picture after rain

Have you ever had the experience when smelling something in the air instantly took you back to a time and place that you didn’t even think about for months or years?  Often, we connect smells to people, places, feelings, or all of those combined. When practicing Forest Therapy, smell is a major part of the experience.

It’s the most effective aromatherapy there is, smelling and recognizing different flowers, trees, and grass types.

When was the last time you took off your shoes and walked on the grass barefoot, touched a leaf, or hugged a tree?  Physical touch can lift your mood in an instant. Walking in the sand on the beach has also had a meditative and relaxing sensation with which we are all familiar.

Join one of our sessions and learn how the forest may heal you.

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